About KC Backstories

In 2010, after the publication of my novel, I wrote a little book about Brookside, one Kansas City’s oldest and wildly beloved neighborhood centers. The Brookside Story: Shops of Every Necessary Character, was received better than I could have imagined. Since then, I’ve written more books on Kansas City’s neighborhood-scale history. With the books came the wonderful opportunity to share these stories with all sorts of organizations and groups throughout the city.  And every chance I have to make these presentations or talk to my readers, I find insatiable appetites for local history.

KC Backstories is my attempt to feed that appetite. I continue to write, which means I continue to research. I find so many stories that may never make it to a book, but they deserve a home. KC Backstories will be that home. The stories I share here may never have made headlines, but they are the backstories that enrich our understanding of life in Kansas City. Feel free to share.

Author LaDene Morton

I am an author of both fiction and nonfiction. My novel What Lies West is a past finalist in the WILLA Awards, and my third book on Kansas City History, The Country Club District of Kansas City, received a Preservation Award from the Historic Kansas City Foundation. As a writer, I am a member and former board member of the national organization Women Writing the West, and a former member of the Executive Committee of Kansas City's literary center, The Writers Place. As a writer of history, I am a member of the State Historical Society of Missouri, the Jackson County Historical Society, the Westport Historical Society, and the Historic KC Foundation.