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All books are available on this site using PayPal, and the links are below. Every book ordered here will come complete with the author’s signature.

The KC history books (Waldo, Brookside, Country Club) are also available at various online retailers, including the publisher, Arcadia Publishing/History Press.

The novel, What Lies West, is only available here and on Amazon.

The Country Club District of Kansas City

ONE OF THE GRAND EXPERIMENTS OF AMERICAN URBAN PLANNING lies tucked within the heart of Kansas City. J.C. Nichols prized the Country Club District as his life's work, and the scope of his vision required fifty years of careful development.

The Brookside Story

Brookside's burgundy- and blue-striped awnings represent both a quaint corner of Kansas City where you can tread the creaky wooden floors of the Dime Store and a pragmatic philosophy that changed the way America planned its cities.

The Waldo Story

The quaint and quirky corner of Kansas City known as Waldo has earned its reputation the hard way through good times and bad since 1841.

What Lies West

What Lies West is set in the mid-nineteenth-century American West, where everyone is in pursuit of some sort of dream.

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Maybe you want to actually see and touch a book before buying it. Maybe you like to support local merchants. Maybe you’ve found yourself in the midst of a book or history emergency, and have to have it yesterday!

For the KC history books (Waldo, Brookside, Country Club), there are local outlets, though it’s hard to provide a permanent list. Stores carry the books for a while, and then they don’t. Retail outlets order direct from the publisher, so I don’t always find out in a timely way. But for what it’s worth, here are some of the places where the books have been sold in the past. Check with them to see if they have the books in stock. If you hear of other places selling them, please let me know. If you know a place that might be interested in selling them, let me know that, too! And if all else fails, email me – if you live inside the I435 loop, I’ll get the books to you!

The novel, What Lies West, is available online only.

Nelson-Atkins Museum Gift Shop
Barnes & Noble (Plaza and Zona Rosa locations)
Shop Beautiful (Brookside and Hawthorne Plaza locations)
Fiddly Fig (Brookside)
Brookside Neighborhood Office (Brookside)
Dave Smith The Lampmaker (Waldo)
Rainy Day Books (Fairway)
Southtown Planning Center (On Troost)