Events & Speaking

One of my favorite things to do is to talk about Kansas City's oldest and most interesting neighborhoods.

Here are some of my upcoming presentations.



Western Writers of America

June 21
Kansas City Marriott Plaza

Junior League Sustainers Garden Club

September 12
Junior League of Kansas City Headquarters

Country Club District Homes Association Annual Meeting

September 20
5:30 PM
Country Club Christian Church

Examples of Presentation Subjects:

I treat each presentation event as unique – its contents targeted to the interests of the audience, and its format tailored to the needs of the host organization. Constructing a new presentation every time keeps the material fresh for me, and unique for the audience. The following are a small sampling of past presentations.

Lost Images of Brooksidea collection of rarely or never seen images of businesses and buildings in Brookside

Brookside: Not Fit for Print!images and stories not included in The Brookside Story: Shops of Every Necessary Character

Brookside: A Community of Commercea look at how the mix of shops and services in Brookside has changed over the years to meet the community’s needs

Building Brooksidean exploration of the development of Brookside by JC Nichols and the Nichols Company

The Road to Waldothe road played by the Santa Fe Trail, the coming of the railroads to Kansas City and other early influences helped shape the development of Waldo

Piecing Together the Pastusing research from the Brookside and Waldo books as a basis, a review of how small bits of information on maps, in advertising and other unlikely places can help construct the history of a community.

The Country Club District: Planned for Permanenceexamples of the pioneering community building methods of J.C. Nichols and the Nichols Company